That day…

That day was fucked. I’m not even sure who I’m supposed to be mad at. Some pissed off local, the taliban, the russians who might have dumped it 20 years prior. Who knows, and I guess at this point it doesn’t matter. We’ve left the country recently making little ground from when I was there 18 years before. One of my bigger fears shouldn’t manifest. My son fighting the same war as I fought. It being over is the best of what we got out of the whole time we were there. Bin Laden didn’t even die there. Can’t help but wonder how many Bin Ladens we created in our 20 year occupation. Young and idealistic I thought what we were doing mattered. What’s the legacy? The stock increases for Raytheon and Lockheed? Some people never met the lives they brought into this world. I feel obligated to do the most I can with my life not sure I’m accomplishing that goal. Gotta get up everyday and try though.

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