This Echo Chamber

It’s coming up on a year since my accident. A few years now that I have been having issues with driving.

So basically I spend a lot more time at home and alone than I use to.

Part of the way I pass time is YouTube.

It’s been quite a few years I stopped using cable. So I wasn’t able to sink into the grind of daytime soaps.

So I’d put on a YouTube video in the background while going about my day doing housework, cooking, or writing. At first usually some music video. Than I started listening to podcasts.

After awhile I found that I was seeing the same people on rotation. People who I felt made valid arguments based on logic and reason.

While I’m not a genius I don’t consider myself an idiot. I feel I’m rational and logical and can change my opinions and beliefs based upon the introduction of new evidence.

There are people I know, who I feel share these qualities, that are on the opposite end of political thought. I began to wonder how. What had they read or listened to, or had they come to this place on their own.

I’m an 80s baby I grew up around technology. Saw the birth of the internet. I understand algorithms. To the extent I understand they look for patterns and try and show you things you’ve interacted with before.

I decided I wanted to break free of my echo chamber. Stop telling me everything I already think. The only way to test your views is to try an oppose them. Try an rationally argue against your points.

So I set about finding dissenting views.

I’ve found a few that I can listen to, but they tend to lean more my direction than the furthest from my starting points.

I need to push further. To create a new online footprint in the algorithm to truly find the break I’m looking for.

I must forge a path in stark contrast to my current. A brave new world where ideas, that in my mind have been proven to be fallacy. An idealistic world where stated intentions were exactly as they were described.

To do so I’ll be creating a new identity online trying to make clicks opposite of the way I do now. Hopefully I find some rational dissenting opinions.

Mic Gee

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