I have what you could call an addictive personality. Whatever it is I can take it to excess.

Gaming, gambling, smoking, drinking, sex; if it’s an indulgence I can over do it.

Not sure if it’s a nature or nurture thing, but it’s my battle.

Balancing indulgence without developing dependence. I have a beast that needs to be fed. I have to feed it on a leash though.

I cant let it run loose anymore, there was a time and place for that.

Knowing what I know has kept me from going off the deep end when I’ve seen soooo many people take that dive.

It would have been easy too. The prescriptions were mine for the taking. I always rationed myself though and kept it from becoming a dependency.

With my most recent accident I leaned heavy on the weed to keep myself from being dependent.

Even that’s in decline of use though now. My legs are somehow still under me, and I’m still going.

Just a heads up I know I’ve been dark for awhile. Life’s a bastard but it won’t get me. Cheers

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