32 year old?

16 year old miscreant.

17 year old rifleman.

18 year old assistant gunner.

19 year old combat veteran.

20 year old sham artist.

21 year old combat leader.

22 year old lifer.

23 year old victim.

24 year old rehabilatator.

25 year old broke dick.

26 year old full time Dad.

27 year old expatriate.

28 year old dreamer.

29 year old minimum wager.

30 year old compromise.

31 year old sunny skies.

32 year old crashed his bike.

33 trying to revealuate life. Repurpose my time. I still have it so I need to sharpen my mind. Rested on my laurels thought I’d always be good. Saw it all come crashing down in an instance. Thankful that I can walk but it’s too late for me to stock shelves.

Gotta try something else totally left field. Got a year of school left thinking about heading back in Sep. Broadcasting or journalism maybe.

Can’t sit back too long and let everything fester. My mind will not improve hiding in my burrow, for whatever good it’s done my body.

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